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Epinephrine Epi Pen ® insulated cases

Epinephrine Epi Pen ® insulated cases
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Friday, March 24, 2017

The Passover Edition from TuffBags / Racheltreasures -- helpful hints on getting ready and Passover goods

Yikes Passover is less than three weeks away!  Are you ready?  I sure am  not.  These are just some of the things that I start to do now.
  • Stop buying many items that are considered chametz for Passover, such as pasta.
  • Go through the food pantry to see what is chametz for Passover and plan to eat it between now and Passover.
  • Check my Passover ritual items and do I have enough of these:  candles, matzah covers, Afikomen bag, tablecloth, linens, dishes, silverware, glasses, wine glasses  kosher for Passover, kippahs.
  • Am I hosting a seder?  If yes how many people will be coming?  Which Haggadah will I use?  Do I have enough Haggadot? 
  • Go through the recipes from prior years and what I have collected since last Passover.  Check the ones that I want to make and put necessary ingredients on my list.
  • Start buying some Pesadik goods and foods (Yiddish for Passover like) such as gluten free matzah (I must be gluten free), matzah meal, coconut, Passover baking items, other non-perishable Passover items;  whole chicken for soup (I start my soup 4 to 5 days ahead as my soup cooks for a least 3 days and the local stores tend to run out of kosher chickens!).
  • Plan out the rest of my shopping especially for the fresh items and vegetables.  Don't forget the ritual items for the Seder plate.
  •  Cleaning!  Oy, what a job but I try to spread it out by clearing out one cupboard first for the newly purchased Passover goods. 
  • If I am attending a seder at a friend's or relatives, I ask what I can bring.  I also plan on bringing the hostess / host a gift or two.
  • Keep lists and update them.  We are all getting older so write it down when you remember!
  • Afikomen gifts:  get gifts for the kids and at some point, the grandchildren.
  • Spend some time reading thought provoking articles.  Bring/use some for discuss at your seders.
  • Involve your kids and grandchildren in the planning, shopping and study of the Passover rituals and traditions.
 I truly love Passover and all of its rituals and deep meanings.  I try every year to make it less stressful and more meaningful.  Certainly drop me a line with any suggestions and articles!

Passover Shop

My Passover shop is full of wonderful handmade goods that are perfect for helping you celebrate Passover and make your journey out of Egypt.  Click on the above to go to the shop.  I will highlight various items here.

Kippahs:  Okay you all know I have kippahs / yarmulkes / yamakas, in traditional and Bucharian / Bukkarian / Sephardic hat styles.  I do have several news ones just for the Seder and the 10 Plagues.  

I can't ignore the NCCA Basketball Sweet 16:  I have the following teams that are in this part of the dance:
UNC Tarheels, Oregon Ducks, Kansas Jayhawks, West Virginia Mountaineers, South Carolina Gamecocks, Michigan State, University of Michigan, Purdue University, University of Louisville, University of Florida Gators,  University of Cincinnati Bear cats,  Baylor University Bears, University of Arizona Wildcats, UCLA Bruins, University of Wisconsin Badgers, Purdue University Boilmakers, University of Kentucky Wildcats, and Iowa State Cyclones.

NCCA college or university kippah or yarmulke

Matzah cover  and Afikomen bags

My matzah covers come in a variety of fabrics, with and without the Hebrew word for Matzah, or with or without a Matzah Star of David.  Each matzoh cover is fully lined with cotton and has three sections.  You can machine wash and dry them.

The Afikomen bags, which can match to the matza covers, feature a YKK zipper, keeping those pesky crumbs inside the bag.  You can also machine wash and dry them.

 I have limited edition Matzah cover and Afikomen bag sets.

 Passover themed kippahs

I have matzah, Next Year in Jerusalem, Seder rituals, and new this year, plagues kippahs!
You can get frogs, blood, hail, boils,  darkness, death of the first born, wild beasts and more.


Passover Jewelry

Silver Passover Earrings

Passover charm pendant

Passover gemstone earrings

Be sure to check out the sale section and our latest coupons:

On sale now--great deals Coupon codes good through the end of March

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Kate Rachel Lozier

owner/designer, TuffBags / Racheltreasures

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

What's New --Late Winter news part II -- Just where is Spring?

Spring is only 6 days away (yeah!), Winter has returned to the Northeast with a  vengeance.  So our Purim celebrations was very cold but our hearts were warm as we stomped and booed out H****'s name.  Purim is a wonderful holiday for all as it teaches us to be accepting of all kinds and types of people.  We are an amazing country full of wonderful cultures, rituals, diversities, histories and more.  My hope is that we move forward with more acceptance, love, and welcoming of our great diversity, while working even harder to eliminate hate, bigotry, and prejudice.
      So now we are digging out of 2 feet of snow, yup you read it correctly, 2 feet!  The blizzard Stella has dumped a ton of snow all over the Northeast and has been raging high winds.  Fortunately, we did not lose power and have just hunkered now.  All of the post offices in the Albany area were closed and are slowly starting to open.  Needless to say I can't wait until Spring!

 What is New

Bagels kippah or yarmulke -- fully lined   


Bagels bucharian kippah in sizes 21" to 24" circumference 

Quilted Bagel potholders --- double insulated

Mahjong or Mah jong tiles kippah


Mahjong or Mah Jong double insulated potholders or trivets

Piano kippah keyboard yamaka

Purple batik Bukkarian kippah

Wine theme wine enthusiast double insulated potholders or trivets

Reversible insulated wine themed place mats

Don't forget that it is March Madness time!  Is your team going to the dance?

NCCA college or university kippah   
If you don't see your team please go to the listing by clicking the link above.  I carry most team that offer cotton fabric.  Kindly note that many teams do not offer cotton fabric (therefore, I can not offer that team)

Be sure to check out the sale section
On sale now--great deals   

Our latest coupons:  

Coupon codes good through the end of March

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Kate Rachel Lozier

owner/designer, TuffBags / Racheltreasures

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's new ---Mid-Winter News part I

I am so grateful for all of the fabulous response for Small Business support, Cyber Monday, and the major December holidays.  I am a huge believer in small business and go out of my way to support the local small businesses.  I think that small business is the heart beat of our country, which is already great.  The more that we can support made in the USA, the more we will have more jobs and more products made here, hopefully with keeping the markets as free as possible.  Yup, I am way behind on blogging, and I apologize.  I will be splitting up all that is new into many issues.

What is new 

 Asthma medium sized zippered pouch
 The medium sized case holds multiple inhalers as well as the small travel aerochamber.

Kippahs or Yarmulkes

I have three great Harry Potter and Friends prints--available in regular kippahs or in Bukkarian / Sephardic hat styles.

Note that the two top patterns are quite various so you can ask to feature a specific character such as Hermione, or Ron or Harry.

MLB Bucharian or Bukkarian kippahs

If you don't see your team simply email me and I will set up your team.  The teams I have listed are based on popularity.  As long as I have the fabric I am happy to make your team's kippah in the Sephardic hat styling.

Kippah Clips

While most folks don't need kippah clips when wearing my yarmulkes (also can be spelled as it sounds yamakas) I do now offer kippah clips made from the beautiful charms that I carry.

Purim earrings and pendants

Purim 2017 begins at Sundown, after Shabbat, on March 11, 2017.  I have many different Purim gemstone earrings as well as the plain silver ones.  You have the choice of regular sterling silver ear wires or sterling silver lever backs.

Lastly, don't forget to check out the sales section as many new items have been added.

Looking forward to Spring,

Kate Rachel Lozier
Owner/Designer, TuffBags

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday

Save 10 % off your purchase of $ 25.00 or more (before shipping and any taxes) using this coupon, one coupon per person per purchase....good through 11/30/2016.


Happy Shopping!

Kate R Lozier

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bling n' Babbles n' Charms n's shiny things! Psssstttt----special coupons!

I've created many very pretty and unusual bling bling items from plain silver plated charms to stunning statement gemstone necklaces!  I have many unusual gifts that are perfect for the hard to shop for person on your list.  Don't forget to treat yourself this Holiday season.

Pendants and Earrings for Chanukah or Hanukkah

I have many very pretty pendants and earrings for the 8 crazy nights, from plain to fancy with gemstones.

You can select from Swarovski crystals in two sizes and shapes, pearls, lapis, jasper, sodalite and more!
Hanukkah or Chanukah Gemstone earrings -- Menorahs and Dreidels

Just want a plain silver plated pair (sterling silver ear wires)

Dreidels, Menorahs, or a mixed match pair Hanukkah Earrings

Euro Simple Pendants for Hanukkah -- Menorah or Dreidel
Triple Hanukkah charm necklace

all sterling silver Hanukkah Euro Menorah pendant

See all of my hand-crafted jewelry here


Unique wall and home decor 

 I have many one of a kind unusal decor items for your home or office.  My unusal items make really great gifts for the hard to buy for, your office mates, your boss, family, friends and more!


 Use the above coupon to save 10 % off any purchase in the collection:

Home Decor Electic handmade 

Here are just two items in this collection --- be sure to browse the entire collection!

Wine theme snack mats

Gold Hamsa chakra beaded wall hanging

Happy Shopping and stay tuned for more wonderful gifts being added to the site!.

Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels,

Kate Rachel Lozier
owner/designer TuffBags


Friday, October 28, 2016

Early Snow here yesterday ...what is new

October has sure been a roller coaster weather wise.  Yesterday we had snow that has stuck to the leaves and grass measuring about 2"!  Meanwhile we had record warm temperatures just a few weeks ago.  Hopefully this early snow is just part of the freaky weather and not a sign of a longer Winter (no!).

I have many new kippahs added to the regular kippah collection with many more on the way.

I also have several gorgeous new tapestry fabrics that are currently being made into gorgeous Bucharian or Bukkarian kippahs.

 Major League Hockey NHL Kippahs or yarmulkes

NHL New York Rangers

I carry the following teams:  New York Rangers, Buffalo Sabres, Chicago Black Hawks, Boston Bruins, Detroit Red Wings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Capitols, St. Louis Blues, Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks.
The NY Islanders team does not offer any fabric so I can not carry this team.

New NCCA kippahs:

University of Southern Florida and Virginia Tech will be ready next week.   I recently added ASU.

Arizona State University kippah or yarmulke

The following kippahs are here for the younger set:

Paw Patrol in Red (a white Paw patrol should be ready next week) regular or toddler sizes:

Paw Patrol kippah or yarmulke    

The new Rug Rats kippah is so adorable and it is also available in regular or toddler sizes:

Rug Rats kippah or yarmulke

I just added new beautiful elegant jacquard tapestry trims for Bucharian kippahs:

Tapestry Trim Bucharian kippahs      
You may request just about any fabric in a Bucharian kippah sizes 21" through 24" and it will not be considered a custom order.

Thanks for your patronage and certainly contact me with any questions!

Have a great weekend,

Kate R Lozier