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Epinephrine Epi Pen ® insulated cases

Epinephrine Epi Pen ® insulated cases
weather proof, optional medical alert labels, insulated, options to add, 4 different styles, great colors

Monday, May 16, 2016

TuffBags / Racheltreasures News -- Not all Bags are Created Equally

Not all Bags are Created Equally

By Kate Rachel Lozier

Bags are everywhere, in every color, fabric, shape, size, and price.  Practically every type of store sells some type of bag.  The famous and the not so famous have their names on bags.  TV shows such as Sex in the City have dramatized the handbag. 

With all of these bags flooding the market place, just how do you figure out which bag is for you?  Whether you are a person that researches ahead of time or purchases on the fly, I suggest that you ask yourself these questions prior to purchasing.  You can also use these tips for other purchases as well as for bags.

1.            Determine your needs

What do you need this bag for?  Or what do you want this bag for?  Is this a want or a need?  Will it hold all of your stuff?  Does it have enough compartments?  Is the fabric suitable for the function?  Is the styling, fabric and colors appropriate for you and your lifestyle?

2.            Set your budget and Cost versus benefit

Determine what you can afford and what you are willing to spend on the type of bag you are looking for.  If this is a want purchase, can you afford it?  Comparison shop:  will bag A hold and organize all of my items as well as bag B?  Will bag A hold up over time and is it worth the price?   Is bag B more unique and/or a limited edition?  Is a more expensive bag better made and therefore, a better investment in the long run?   Is price the most important factor in your choice?  Is style more important than function, or vice versa?

3.            Access your values and Usability and features

Are you the type of person that wants a new bag for every season, every outfit, and every occasion?  Or are you more interested in a bag that will last for a long time?  Will the features and fabric of the bag work with your lifestyle?  Will the bag at least serve the function(s) that you are looking for?  Are the insides as durable and functional as the outsides?   Are you willing to have a bag that everyone else has?

4.            Manufacturer's and / or store's reputation

Who is the manufacturer and where was the bag made? Does the business have a good reputation?  Can you verify their reputation?  Are you interested or concerned with where the bag was made?  What is the quality like?  Are the inside features of the same quality as the outsides?  Will the bag be able to hold up to your use? 

5.            Availability and convenience of shopping

When do you need the bag by?  Is the bag readily available or special order only?   Does the catalog and/or web site adequately describe the size and features of the bag?  Does the bag meet your expectations?   Can you return the bag?  How is the customer service?

© 2016 Kate R. Lozier

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Continuing updates to our newly redesigned web site and a fabulous coupon!


Let's start off first with the special, yeah our newly designed web site is basically done! coupon:


Save 10 % off your purchase of $ 30 or more (before shipping) now through 3/31/16.  Can only be used once per customer;  not valid on prior orders, Ebay, Etsy, exchanges.

Now what is new!

When you are navigating our newly designed web site please be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.  Additionally, the footer has important links.  The "MENU" button on the upper left hand side of the page is the main navigating menu.

New products, categories, and information added to our web site

 novelty geeky video games nature animal unusual kippah or yarmulke

I've added an information page with lots of pictures so that you can get the right fit for your kippahs!

Here are two new categories added:

Home Decor handmade one of a kind items

Hand-crafted pendants and necklaces --- many one of a kind


Lower shipping rate for small orders

Lastly, I've added a small order flat first class shipping rate of $ 3.50 for orders weight half a pound or less.  So for those of you that just want one pair of earrings or just one kippah this is the shipping for you.  You will be able to purchase 3 pairs of earrings and one regular kippah at this rate or two pairs of earrings and two regular kippahs.

Thank you so much for your continue support and patronage for my hand-crafted made in the USA goods.

Happy Purim to all that celebrate!


Kate Rachel  Lozier

TuffBags where Pretty Meets Smart

Monday, February 29, 2016

TuffBags / Racheltreasures new web site is here -- important information

TuffBags / Racheltreasures new web site is here!

I am thrilled to announce that TuffBags has a new web site!  I feel like we have left the dark ages in web hosting by moving to our new platform.  Our new site does most of the work and is doing a great job with the navigation and organizing our collections.


Navigating our new site is pretty simple.  In the header there is the word MENU on the left.  Simply click on this menu and the side navigation bar will populate.  Our products are organized by collections:
Epipen case, inhaler bags, regular kippahs, Bucharian kippahs, zippered pouches, waist packs, etc.

Our footer has its own menu with some important links such as FAQs, shipping, contact us, processing time, to name a few.

We have three URLs:,, and
All of these domain names now point to our new web site.


My crew and I no longer have to worry about html and resize our pictures, which was such a huge chore.  I can now offer all of you great pictures that you can supersize by simply clicking on them (when you are on a product page each product will have its own picture which you click on to supersize).


The majority of our core products are on the new site.   We will adding a lot of my special jewelry as well as many one of a kind unique items every day during March.  Some bags we have discontinued.  We still have some bags to add as well as some new designs.  If you are looking for a particular bag, fabric, or just have a question please contact us!


Besides having awesome pictures, we have LOWERED the shipping prices!  One can purchase up to 9 regular kippahs for the flat price of $ 5.00 first class insured  USPS or $ 7.50 USPS priority insured. As the package gets heavier the shipping will increase somewhat.  All shipments are insured as well.  We will be adding in UPS shipping in the near future.  If you need UPS shipping please contact us and we can put together your order with UPS shipping.

Checkout and Payment:

The checkout process is easier too.  As always you don't have to an account (user name and password ) to shop on our site.  If you want to create an account to save your billing and shipping information please feel free to do so.

The top has a menu for you to go back to your cart even if you are in checkout.

Accepted Payments:  all major credit cards, Pay Pal, and credit / debit via Pay Pal.  We will NOT be privy to your credit card number so you will have complete privacy.  

Phone orders will continued to be accepted with us sending you an invoice to be paid online.  Online payments are far more secured than over the phone payments.


Save 10 % off your purchase of $ 30 or more (before shipping) using the coupon code valid through 3/31/2016 (not valid on prior purchases, on ebay or on etsy).


In Summary:

We know you have many choices and places to spend your money.
So why shop with us?
While we certainly value your patronage and hope that you will shop with us, we think you need more reasons than this!
  • Safe SSL PCI compliment web site
  • Great privacy
  • Excellent sales and return policies
  • Money back guarantee
  • individually hand-crafted in the USA (actually in upstate NY!) thus supporting our USA economy
  • outstanding durability, great sewing, and long lasting products
  • options to add on many products to meet >your< needs
  • Small business attention to details and customer's needs
  • Small carbon footprint with ethical and sustainable creativity and production

Shalom and thanks for your continued patronage,

Kate R. Lozier

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Do Ewe Knit or Crochet?

Not everyone is consumed with football and basketball during the cold months.  Many of us spend our free time knitting or crocheting.

One makes quite the investment in one's yarn and likely has quite a nice stash.  So why do I see so many fiber artists carrying their treasures and works in process in a plastic bag?  Blah.

Think about just how much you spend on your gorgeous yarns!  So why would you treat them to a plastic bag?  If I was your yarn I'd be really insulted.

Additionally your project has more of a chance of becoming unraveled, especially if you are carrying more than one project.

How about this for an idea (brain storm)---a handmade project what a concept.

Imagine being able to carry your sacred project in a beautiful cotton fully lined bag.
  Every project deserves a gorgeous project bag made of high quality cottons and batiks! We've got a perfect project bag just for you with stunning colors and soft cottons, including the nice cotton cording. We offer both small (10" wide x 12" long flat) and large (10" x 5-6" deep x 12-14" long) bags with optional outer zippered pockets. 

Your projects will stay fresh, clean, safe and snag free in our bags! 

We have lots of yummy colors, patterns, and styles (makes it very easy to find your project!) so please go to our etsy shop to get yours today!   We also have zippered pouches which are perfect for carrying and storing your accessories such as stitch markers, needles and hooks, stitch counters, yarn needles and more.

Handmade project bags and zippered pouches 

Should you see a cotton print that is not currently in the project bags or the zippered pouches definitely contact us.  We just received many new batiks as well.

Happy knitting and crocheting (maybe one of these days I will master the art of crocheting!).  Knitting is one of my passions now for over 40 years and fair isle knitting is my favorite. 

Stay warm and curl up with yarn!


Kate Rachel Lozier
Owner / Designer / yarn and fabric hoarder

Friday, November 27, 2015

Get Your Game on! What is new from TuffBags

Happy Thanksgiving and much gratitude:  What is new from TuffBags 

I have so much to be grateful for:  my family, my friends and all of my customers.  I am so grateful for a safe country to live in where we have so many blessings and freedoms that we take for granted every day.

I hope and pray that the world will become a safer and happier place for all peoples.  The recent events have made us all so much more aware of the blessings that we do have and that we all must work together to have peace in the world.

For so many of us Fall into early winter is all about Football, whether one routes for his/her favorite NFL team or follows his/her alma mater.

We've got your "your game on"  literally, for your head with wonderful NFL and NCAA yarmulkes.

NFL kippahs or yarmulkes 

NCCA College and University kippahs

We also carry MLB kippahs as my family and I are all huge baseball fans as well.  We were thrilled to see the NY Mets go so far this year---hey second place in the World is not too shabby!

MLB kippahs or Yarmulkes

For many other people Fall/early Winter is certainly NOT about sports, but more about the beauty of the leaves, cooler days and nights, making soups, stews, and knitting/crocheting warm things.  I always have something beautiful going on my knitting needles and now I offer project bags in my etsy store.

All of us at TuffBags truly wish all of you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.  I hope that all of you will enjoy the day of running events, parades, great food and visits with your family and friends, the football games and just hanging out. 

Shipping times for Holiday purchases:

Cut offs for regular first class shipping:  for first candle Hanukkah 11/30/15;  for Christmas 12/17.
Please select priority mail after these dates..note that after 12/3 no guarantee for delivery for first candle.  Do remember that there are 8 crazy nights of Chanukah or Hanukkuh (just how do we spell this special holiday?!)

Deals and very limited coupons:

We have some special deals that start on Small business Saturday and continue right through Cyber Monday.  Coupons are valid for November 28th through November 30th.

TuffBags:  one use only coupon  save 10 % on any purchase:  SHOPSMALLBIZTB.

The savings is before shipping;  one use per customer; EXPIRES end of day 11/30/15;  must be applied in the cart (use the checkout feature);  can not be applied after the sale;  can not be applied for prior sales.

Etsy one use only coupon save 10 % on any purchase of $ 14 or more:  SMALLBIZTB10
The savings is before shipping;  one use per customer; EXPIRES end of day 11/30/15;  must be applied in the cart (use the checkout feature);  can not be applied after the sale;  can not be applied for prior sales.

New kippahs:

We have two new Star Wars kippahs:  Storm troopers and Episode VII:

Star Wars Storm Troopers Kippah or Yarmulke

Star Wars Episode VII kippah or yarmulke

Batman Bat logos; Solar system / Planets Kippah;
and a scientific molecular yarmulke:

Add captSolar system planets kippah or yarmulkeion

Molecular scientific kippah or yarmulke

Batman Bat Logo kippah or yarmulke

Sale clearance items   Be sure to checkout our sale/clearance items!

My etsy store:  

You can get some wonderful one of a kind items in my etsy store:

Beaded Hamsa wall decor; insulated mats; quilted wall hangings 

Project bags for knitting / crocheting

CreativelyPam      Creatively Pam --- gorgeous unique Judaica

Fabulous table runners, aprons, matzo covers and more can be found by my sister, Pamela Tatar, CreativelyPam on etsy.

Lastly, we all pray for peace and harmony in our world, with special thoughts and prayers going out to France and Israel where the terror attacks have been especially awful.  Let us all stay safe but live our lives and not allow the terrorists to win!!

L'shalom, Peace, Paix,

Kate Rachel Lozier

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Jewish New Year, Welcome Fall

Happy Jewish New Year, Welcome Fall 

L'Shannah Tovah Tikatevu / Happy New Year with many sweet blessings to all of my Jewish readers, friends and family!  I also wish you a very easy fast and a meaningful Yom Kippur.

I welcome Fall with all of its beauty and fun harvests, but I admit that I am so not ready to give up Summer!    Our vegetable garden was wonderfully bountiful this Summer and I did a lot of freezing of vegetables as well as enjoying them fresh out of the garden.  I do wish our growing season in Upstate NY was much longer.  I hope you all enjoy the Fall and all of its beauty!

 So I have many new items to tell you about.

You can now add an optional medical alert label to your inhaler bag for just $ 2.00 extra.

Inhaler / medication zippered pouches with optional medical alert label

With the Fall comes Fall sports such as MLB playoffs, soccer, football and of course running!  See our new regular kippahs that are perfect for these sport enthusiasts and sports fans.

Major League Baseball regular yarmulke

I have some new teams in the NCAA/college/university kippah section:

I also have Kansas State coming soon.

Now in the Superhero / characters / movie TV characters Superhereo Characters kippahs:

 Pokemon in blue, new Star Wars designs as well as a new Frozen sisters' kippah will be coming to the site very soon.

I've got many new gorgeous batiks and other cotton fabrics for Eclectic mix Bucharian kippahs

Last but NOT least:  a very special coupon for celebrating the New Year 5776.
Special TuffBags blogger only coupon valid now through 10/04/2015: save 10 % off any order of $ 35.00 or more   SWEET5776


Kate Rachel Lozier

Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer News from TuffBags -- composting, new items and a sale!

Happy Summer from TuffBags!  July is my favorite month of the year as it is so wonderfully warm, has so many fun events and frankly, it is my birthday month as well as my younger son's (we share the same birthday!).

Summer is a great time to start composting so enjoy my article on composting.

Composting – it is easier than you think!  
By Kate Rachel Lozier

Composting….sounds messing and difficult, right? Wrong!  Composting is one of the most natural and easy things to do, whether you live in an apartment or in a house.

“Composting is the aerobic decomposition of biodegradable organic matter, producing compost”…”also known as brown manure, {which} is the aerobically decomposed remnants of organic matter.” [Wikipedia]

Composting promotes the circle of life as nature intended.  Placing these materials into a  plastic bag and/or a garbage can inhibits this natural process.

Why compost?
  1. very inexpensive to do
  2. provides you with free soil amendments and mulch for your gardens
  3. saves you money as you throw less garbage away and reduces landfills.
  4. recycles natural materials as they should be

 What can you compost?
  1. all vegetables and fruits including nuts
  2. dryer and vacuum cleaner lint
  3. eggshells
  4. shredded newspaper, paper and cardboard produced with soy based inks
  5. manure and waste from healthy herbivores (pet waste from rabbits, guinea pigs and other vegans) including their bedding
  6. saw dust, wood chips
  7. weeds, dead plants from your garden, dead indoor plants and flowers, lawn clippings, leaves, straw, hay, grass, peat moss, shredded stems and twigs
  8. fireplace ashes (no coal ashes)
  9. coffee grounds and filters
  10. cardboard rolls from toilet paper and paper towels

What should you NOT to compost?
  1. chemically treated yard waste or plants
  2. meat and dairy products
  3. diseased items
Where can you compost?
  1. your yard in a sunny spot
  2. small container in your house
  3. your town’s location (many townships have community composting)
  4. join your friends and neighbors to make one compost
  5. in a commercially produced activator or container in your yard
  6. place the compost heap or container in a convenient location (our pile is just below a window from the house so it is very easy to feed the pile).
When can you compost?
All year around…yes, even in the Winter.  During the cooler months you will not be able to turn your compost heap, but you can accumulate the materials.

What do you need to compost?
  1. separate space or container
  2. bowl or container to hold items from the house before it goes to the heap
  3. cooperation from family members
  4. tool to turn the compost
  5. a small amount of time and energy
What do I have to do with my compost pile or container?
  1. the smaller the items that go into your compost pile the faster the decomposition time.
  2. turn your pile at least once weekly
  3. add a lot of items to your pile less frequently as opposed to adding small amounts frequently...volume is better than frequency
  4. you can add worms to your compost to speed up the process

Where can I find more information on composting?
  5. google or yahoo search engines

New products from TuffBags!


Minions kippah or yarmulke

Marvel Comics superheros: Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman, Iron Man all on one yarmulke

inhaler pouch carriers holders with medical alert label


 Tapestry sling cross body waist mini purse with a mini wallet inside

 main dimensions: 8.5" horizontal width x 7" vertical height x 1.5" thickness/depth = 73.5 cubic inches (all dimensions are approximate)

This Just the Essentials tapestry zippered purse is just perfect for going out, shopping, going to a sports event, dancing, wear under your clothing or coat, and more---carry the basics or the essentials such as your phone, car key, a couple of bucks, tissues, lipstick, inhaler, credit cards, shopping cards and other identification cards......hands free! All of the tapestries used are stain resistant and the bags are completely lined with a coordinating cotton. I use a lighter color lining to make it easier for you to see what is inside your bag.


Adjustable 1/4" deluxe high end braided cord to fit most sizes and allows comfort when tucking bag under garments (maximum cording length is 58" long). You can adjust the length for a shoulder bag, waist bag, or sling across your body. The cord is a matched to the fabric and I warrant the no worries on just how strong this cord is!

Top closing YKK zipper with easy one zipper access to your phone

The inner credit card slots (3) will hold at least 2 credit / shopping cards per slot. There is a bonus pocket behind these for stashing your cash.

The opposite pocket is for your phone (dimensions of pocket 3.75" wide x 6" long).  


special coupon for blog readers only (not posted on the web site!):

10% OFF order of $ 30 or more (before shipping)
expires 07/31/2015

Specials in our Etsy Shop!! 

♥♥♥ SALE!! ♥♥♥ FREE 1st class USA SHIPPING on: ♥♥♥ ALL JEWELRY, all small tapestry bags and tapestry cases, challah covers, select home decor, regular kippahs and lace kippahs NOW through July 31st, 2015 (nice discounts on international shipping) NO COUPON NEEDED ♥♥♥ 

Enjoy the wonderful Summer and have fun!
Kate Rachel Lozier
owner/designer TuffBags