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Epinephrine Epi Pen ® insulated cases

Epinephrine Epi Pen ® insulated cases
weather proof, optional medical alert labels, insulated, options to add, 4 different styles, great colors

Saturday, December 3, 2011

TuffBaggs at the Troy Victorian Stroll December 4, 2011

TuffBags aka Kate will be at the Troy Victoria Stroll in the Troy atrium from 10 am to 5 pm on Sunday, December 4th. TuffBags will join many other hand made artists in the heart of Troy, NY.

The Troy Victorian Stroll is in its 29th year and the weather is looking great for this year's festivities.

You can download the Stroll's program at

or see their web site at

Please stop by, browse our wares, new jewelry creations, new bags, new tapestry fabrics, and many great bargains for your holiday shopping.


Kate R. Lozier
Owner/Designer, TuffBags Boutique

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Free shipping USA orders now through 11/30/11

I am announcing our Free shipping USA orders now through 11/30/11!

Any USA order qualifies and the shipping will be via the cheapest way. Rush orders do not qualify for this offer. You do not need a coupon for this offer. Shop -line and save time (gas too).

We have the following college / university teams now in our traditional kippah pattern:

> University of Tennessee Volunteers
> University of Arizona Wildcats
> University of Pittsburgh
> University of Miami
> University of Wisconsin Badgers
> UCLA Bruins
> Iowa State University Cyclones
> University of Kentucky
> NC State Wolfpack
> University of Virginia Caveliers

We will be offering the University / College teams in the Bucharian pattern similar to our NFL bucharian design...coming soon, call or email for an order.

Happy Thanksgiving --- TuffBags is closed for the entire holiday. We will be open Friday 9 to 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday noon to 4 pm.

Thank you for supporting TuffBaggs, an independently owned (indie) business, handmade in the USA, and other indie USA made businesses.


Kate Rachel Lozier
Owner/Designer, TuffBags

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Organizing your daily bag

Organizing Your Daily Bag

by Kate R. Lozier

Most of us would be lost without our daily bag -- whether our daily bag is a briefcase, back pack, handbag, purse, tote or pocketbook.

The tone of our day is often set by how well organized and together we are when we go out to do our daily things -- work, school, errands, shopping.
How many of us have been frustrated with forgetting our bills to mail, not being able to find our key, or not being able to grab our cell phone in time to get that call.

(1) Select a bag that works for you.
Thankfully, each one of us is different. You should use a bag that works the way you want it to.

(a) SIZE -- Choose a bag that will hold all of your essentials and that will fit your physical size.

(b) STYLE -- Select a style that works with your style and your needs.

(c) FEATURES -- Consider the features that you need for your gear and for your personality style. Consider waist versus sling wear, how you want the bag to open and close, the number of compartments.

(d) MATERIALS -- Choose materials that are durable and that will meet the demands that you will place on this bag.

(e) COMFORT -- How are you going to carry this bag?

(f) COLOR -- What color do you want or need? Do you need a color that is visible so that you can locate your bag easily?

(g) QUALITY -- Evaluate how the bag is constructed and how durable it is. Will it hold up to the job?

(2) Carry only what you need.
The medical studies have shown that the human body is not a schlepping machine! So be good to yourself and carry only what you really need in your daily bag. When you have to carry other items consider whether you should carry them in a separate bag or not.

(3) Keep your bag organized.

(a) Make a list of all the items that you absolutely need each day in this bag.

(b) Then empty out your bag with what you are carrying now.

(c) Weed through the items, removing what you don't need to carry every day.

(d) Repeat this once a month or more often.

(e) Go to the next step for repacking the bag for the maximum efficiency and organization.

(4) Pack your items consistently.
Place your essentials in the same place every time. Designate a compartment or section of the bag for each item / group of items so that you can locate them quickly.
Here are some helpful tips for packing your essentials:

(a) Put your keys in the outer pocket of the bag or on a hook / D ring every time you are finished with them.

(b) Place your phone in the same compartment based on how quickly you'll need to get at the phone.

(c) Put your wallet / money / checkbook in a separate compartment / location for safeguarding and ease of access.

(d) Have your pens handy for making notes, writing checks, giving your autograph when needed.

(e) Carry your sunglasses / glasses in a place where they won't be damaged and you can easily retrieve them.

(f) Keep your personal papers separate from your work / school papers by using separate files or separate compartments.

(5) Store your bag.

(a) When you are not using your bag put it in the same place every time.

(b) Select a location that is easy to remember and that is easily accessible by you.

(c) Your bag's location should not be in a location where the bag can be kicked, buried under things, or moved by someone else.

Used with permission from Kate R. Lozier, owner/designer of TuffBags
Copyright 2002 Kate R. Lozier/KRLCP, Inc.

I use the Ann's Tapestry Handbag as my daily bag

This beautiful bag is loaded with organizing pockets so my handbag is always neat and organized even if the rest of me isn't!

Wishing you an organized bag every day!
Kate R Lozier
TuffBaggs Boutique

Friday, October 28, 2011

Volunteering and Recycling

Volunteering and Recycling...what do they have to do with one another, never mind TuffBags?! Both of these very important and part of the TuffBags' philosophy.

I just participated in the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer on 10/16/11 in Albany, NY. My team raised over $ 2,700 for breast cancer research. Additionally, my team members and I volunteer at the Regional food bank, Equinox, and other local events. I definitely believe and in giving back to our local community.

Recycling and reusing are central to our daily activities at TuffBaggs (and at home too). We recycle paper, plastic, metal, shipping materials, fabric (through donation to not-for-profits, stuffing and support to bags), printer cartridges, printers, computers, and the office items. We throw away almost nothing. As you the customer knows our bags last a long time and are not use one season and then toss the bag.

I so appreciate all of your support of not only handmade in the USA, but handmade by a small business.

Lastly, our holiday store hours begin as follows:

November 26, 2011 Small Business Saturday shop hours are 10 am to 4 pm

All subsequent Saturdays our hours are 10 am to 4 pm.

I wish you all a safe and scarey Halloween!

Kate Rachel Lozier

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Safe and secure shopping at TuffBags

We've been enjoying this beautiful October Fall weather here in Upstate New York.

I'd like to wish all of my Jewish family, friends and customers a Happy New Year / L'Shana Tova and an easy fast as Yom Kippur starts tomorrow at sun down.

At TuffBags we value your privacy and the safety of your personal information when you shop with us. We are a PCI compliant merchant, accepting Mastercard, Visa, and Discover credit cards through our SSL secured web site cart. We don't see your credit card number and other credit card information when you submit it in our secure cart. In a nutshell PCI compliance is:

"The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of requirements designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment." source

Additionally, we accept Pay Pal which is an awesome way to keep your financial information private. Pay pal also has an excellent buyer's protection program so you can pay with Pay Pal at TuffBags in confidence.

We offer an excellent return policy of 30 calendar days and off a great warranty on all of our products.
sales, returns and warranty policies

*** >>> NEW Products <<< *** We have added the following NFL football teams to our line of kippahs: Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buchaneers, Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans, and the Houstan Texans. We now have all of the NFL team kippahs.

Epipens: we have added the color royal blue and two new options. You can now add an outer zippered pocket that is large enough for an inhaler, benadryl tabs.

We also offer an adjustable sling strap in two sizes, small and large. This sling strap style is especially helpful for school aged children who must have epipens on them at all times. The child can sit, stand, play and move around with the sling epipen carrier still attached. The child won't have to remove it and then lose the precious medication.
epipen case carrier pouch

Until next time I wish you all peace and happiness!

Kind Regards,
Kate Rachel Lozier
Owner/Designer TuffBags

checkout our etsy store, Racheltreasures

Friday, September 9, 2011

Back in the swing of things

Most children and teachers are back from school. Upstate NY is finally getting to clean up after the hurricane and all of the additional rain dumped on us this past week.

I am so happy to stand in the sunshine today as are all of you. The weather is suppose to hold for the 10 year anniversary commemoration of 9/11/01. May all of the lives lost from this horrific event be a blessing.

Here are our September coupons:

5 % off any order of $ 14.95 or more now through 09/30/2011 for web site or phone orders that are shipped Use USAMADE5 at checkout.

10 % off any order of $ 29.95 or more now through 09/30/2011 for web site or phone orders that are shipped. Use TBRCTEN at checkout.

15 % off any order of $99.00 or more now through 09/30/2011 for web site or phone orders that are shipped Use WAMERDAYS15 at checkout.

Watch for our upcoming new products:
insulated zippered lunch tote
large tote handbag in gorgeous tapestries

We also have new tapestry fabrics that we are working on.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Kate Rachel Lozier
Owner/Designer, TuffBags

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Post Hurricane Irene News from TuffBags Boutique

As the Capital district of NY and the other areas of the State and the East Coast begin to clean up and get on with life, I discovered that the name Irene actually means "peace" in Greek!  What a name for a Hurricane --- such sarcasm!   My heart goes out to all who have suffered from this terrible storm.

I am thankful that our boutique did not have to evacuate as our store is with in a hundred feet or so of the Hudson River in Rensselaer, NY.  Please see the pictures that I took of the Hudson River while it was cresting.

TuffBaggs are great bags to have during wet weather as our main fabric, 420 urethane coated nylon pack cloth, is an incredibly durable, durable water repellant, and weather proof material. Our pack cloth bags are machine washable ---certainly spot wipe them first as the dirt just comes off with a damp sponge or cloth. Our pack cloth bags are lightweight and are incredibly long lasting, thanks to our triple stitching at minimum on our seams and stress points.

I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!  The boutique is closed Friday,  9/2/11.  We will resume our regular hours on Tuesday, 9/ 6/11.
Tuesday to Friday, noon to 6 pm;  closed Saturday to Monday (appointments accepted for Monday).

Kate Rachel Lozier
Owner/Designer, TuffBags


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What new at TuffBaggs August 17, 2011

Schools are opening or are getting ready to open.  My younger son is getting ready to return to college while my older college graduated son is a working man! 

At TuffBaggs Boutique:  we are having a 10 % off everything sale, including sale items.  No coupon is necessary.  This sale will be running through August 26th.  

Our summer Boutique hours are Tuesday through Friday, 1 pm to 5pm.  Appointments are accepted for Sundays, Mondays, and at other hours on the days we are open.
Go to our web site for store information and directions.

I will be participating in a wonderful art and craft show August 27th & 28th in Lilac Park, Lenox, MA (6 Walker Drive).  The show times are 10 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday.  I hope you will stop by if you are in the area.  I will be having some show only sales!  Lenox is a wonderful and beautiful town, and is home to Tanglewood.

The pack cloth color, royal blue, is now available again for most of our smaller bags. 

We have added new yarmulke to our line just in time for back to school: new collegiate teams and new jacquard tapestry trims.  Our new line of tallis bags is available on the web site, although we are still working on pictures.

Until next time,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome to TuffBags News!

TuffBags is now going full force into the social media arena.
We are looking forward to interacting with our cyberspace customers via this blog and
TuffBags Facebook page

As always our products are 100 % made in the USA and are actually made in Rensselaer County of New York State. I am the designer of all of TuffBags products and I also make a lot of our products. I am exclusively making our jewelry.

I feature many of my one of a kinds and limited editions in my etsy store,
Racheltreasures/TuffBags on etsy

Our web site has our basic jewelry and we will be adding more jewelry very soon. You will be able to actually design your own!

We will be adding our new products and features during the next week:
---tallis bags in two sizes with several customizations to make your prayer shawl bag unique
---the color royal blue is now back in stock for many of our smaller bags
---tan twill cotton for our bucharian kippahs
---new tapestry jacquard trims for our bucharian yarmulkes

Create your own sale with TuffBags Coupons!

Coupons! Yes we have coupons so please check them out at
TuffBags Boutique Store

I'll be back in a few days to update you on our new products and other news. In the mean time please feel free to leave your comments, requests and questions!

Kate R Lozier