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Epinephrine Epi Pen ® insulated cases

Epinephrine Epi Pen ® insulated cases
weather proof, optional medical alert labels, insulated, options to add, 4 different styles, great colors

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome to TuffBags News!

TuffBags is now going full force into the social media arena.
We are looking forward to interacting with our cyberspace customers via this blog and
TuffBags Facebook page

As always our products are 100 % made in the USA and are actually made in Rensselaer County of New York State. I am the designer of all of TuffBags products and I also make a lot of our products. I am exclusively making our jewelry.

I feature many of my one of a kinds and limited editions in my etsy store,
Racheltreasures/TuffBags on etsy

Our web site has our basic jewelry and we will be adding more jewelry very soon. You will be able to actually design your own!

We will be adding our new products and features during the next week:
---tallis bags in two sizes with several customizations to make your prayer shawl bag unique
---the color royal blue is now back in stock for many of our smaller bags
---tan twill cotton for our bucharian kippahs
---new tapestry jacquard trims for our bucharian yarmulkes

Create your own sale with TuffBags Coupons!

Coupons! Yes we have coupons so please check them out at
TuffBags Boutique Store

I'll be back in a few days to update you on our new products and other news. In the mean time please feel free to leave your comments, requests and questions!

Kate R Lozier

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