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Epinephrine Epi Pen ® insulated cases

Epinephrine Epi Pen ® insulated cases
weather proof, optional medical alert labels, insulated, options to add, 4 different styles, great colors

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I will get right to the point here on this blog---SALE SALE SALE

Special coupon code for tuffbags: BLOGGER10 --expires 12/04/2013 -- get 10 % off your order of $ 30 or more.

You can not combine coupons with any etsy coupons..not valid on prior coupon per order...ships separately from etsy orders.

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You will save 10 % on a sale of $ 30 or more AND most of the items in the etsy store are already listed with >>>FREE USA first class shipping <<<< You can get many of a kind gifts here!

You can not combine coupons with any tuffbags coupons...not valid on prior coupon per order....ships separately from tuffbags orders.

You can give these one of a kind gifts for decorating your home

You can get my one of a kind jewelry such as these beauties

You can also adore your earrings or someone you care about with these unique gemstone sterling earrings that you won't find in any big box store

Happy Shopping and thank you all for your continued patronage! Shalom, Kate Rachel Lozier Owner/Designer TuffBags / Racheltreasures

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The holidays are approaching very quickly and we had some snow flurries here today. I hope you all have finished your yard work. Our leaves are still falling off the trees here in beautiful upstate New York. The Fall foliage was especially spectacular this year.

Chanukah starts sundown, Wednesday November 27th, with Thanksgiving being the very next day. Christmas and Kwanza will at their usual times in December.

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Like TuffBags on Facebook for update to date information and coupons

I've finally finished several new gorgeous tapestry tote bags. They are listed in my Etsy shop and are each one of a kind. They feature a top closing zipper, outside pockets lined, adjustable handles, complete pack cloth lining and many compartments inside.

tapestry totes one of a kind

We'll be getting these beautiful totes on to the web site in a couple of weeks. We've got some stunning and yummy new tapestry fabrics and you will be able to customize your tote from either just a plain zippered tote with adjustable handles to a full loaded one with the features that work for you.

I've also been making some beautiful challah covers and tallis bags. Each one is one of a kind so I've been listing them on Etsy. You can certainly contact me for a custom order.

challah covers and tallis bags

I've also designed some really fun and festive place mats and decorative mats. They are quilted and feature a wonderful batting that will protect your furniture from hot, cold and sweaty tableware. You can jazz up your dining room table by adding them to your Shabbat and holiday table. These mats are also perfect for those far away college students, relatives, hostess and teacher's gifts, or treat yourself!

quilted place mats

I will also take custom orders for quilted table items as well.

Enjoy the changing season and as always thank you so much for your patronage of TuffBags, handmade in the USA/upstate New York.


Kate Rachel Lozier

Friday, August 30, 2013

New products from Tuff Bags and new article

Happy Labor day weekend! I hope that everyone has a chance to relax and have some fun. We will be closed this Monday for the observance of labor and are closing this Friday 8/30/13 at noon EST.

We will also be closed for the observance of Rosh HaShannah on September 5th and 6th, and for Yom Kippur we are closing at 2 pm on September 13th. I wish all of my Jewish friends, relatives and customers a L'Shanah Tovah!

Here is what is new from Tuff Bags!

Bucharian kippahs or Sephardic hat style:

Star Trek and the Simpson Family

new option for the regular epi pen case which also holds the new Auvi-q injectors: a clear pouch window for one to insert medical information, the person's name, address, phone number, physician name, etc.

clear window pouch

new options for the waist epi pen and / or auvi-q case -- medical alert label and/or the clear pouch window

clear window pouch and/ or medical alert label

Lastly here is an article that I wrote that I hope will assist you in purchasing bags and other goods.

Not all Bags are Created Equally

By Kate Rachel Lozier

Bags are everywhere, in every color, fabric, shape, size, and price. Practically every type of store sells some type of bag. The famous and the not so famous have their names on bags. TV shows such as Sex in the City have dramatized the handbag.

With all of these bags flooding the market place, just how do you figure out which bag is for you? Whether you are a person that researches ahead of time or purchases on the fly, I suggest that you ask yourself these questions prior to purchasing. You can also use these tips for other purchases as well as for bags.

1. Determine your needs

What do you need this bag for? Or what do you want this bag for? Is this a want or a need? Will it hold all of your stuff? Does it have enough compartments? Is the fabric suitable for the function? Is the styling, fabric and colors appropriate for you and your lifestyle?

2. Set your budget and Cost versus benefit

Determine what you can afford and what you are willing to spend on the type of bag you are looking for. If this is a want purchase, can you afford it? Comparison shop: will bag A hold and organize all of my items as well as bag B? Will bag A hold up over time and is it worth the price? Is bag B more unique and/or a limited edition? Is a more expensive bag better made and therefore, a better investment in the long run? Is price the most important factor in your choice? Is style more important than function, or vice versa?

3. Access your values and Usability and features

Are you the type of person that wants a new bag for every season, every outfit, and every occasion? Or are you more interested in a bag that will last for a long time? Will the features and fabric of the bag work with your lifestyle? Will the bag at least serve the function(s) that you are looking for? Are the insides as durable and functional as the outsides? Are you willing to have a bag that everyone else has?

4. Manufacturer's and / or store's reputation

Who is the manufacturer and where was the bag made? Does the business have a good reputation? Can you verify their reputation? Are you interested or concerned with where the bag was made? What is the quality like? Are the inside features of the same quality as the outsides? Will the bag be able to hold up to your use?

5. Availability and convenience of shopping

When do you need the bag by? Is the bag readily available or special order only? Does the catalog and/or web site adequately describe the size and features of the bag? Does the bag meet your expectations? Can you return the bag? How is the customer service?

copyright Kate R. Lozier, 1997-2013, all rights reserved.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Epipen cases and enjoy the Summer!

I hope everyone is still enjoying the Summer. I will not rush us out of Summer, as we still have another 1.5 months of Summer and even more time of fabulous weather.

Epipen cases: this is the time of year when those of us with bee allergies absolutely must carry our epipens and benadryl with us at all times. I learned that I was allergic to all bees, hornets, wasps, and related when I was just 20 years old. I've been carrying epipens ever since (I'd rather not say how long!!). Since then I have been diagnosed with celiac disease (gluten free diet is required) and other food allergies so my doctors really insist that I carry the epipens all year long. When I founded TuffBags, the epipen case was one of the first bags that I developed. My younger son has also had to carry epipens since he was 3. He has severe tree nut allergies as well as other foods.

The bottom line is I personally understand what you are going through as a person with severe allergies and as a parent. I still get nervous in regards to my younger son who is now 21 and does not need his mom hovering over him! So I most welcome your questions and concerns and I will answer them as best I can. Please do remember that I am not an MD or pharmacist, but a mom and person with severe allergies.

All of my epipen cases can be found here---now with neon pink (the color of my case!). You can select the basic case and several options such as the medical alert label (you can use a Sharpie to write your child's name on the case), a removable sling strap, and the optional zippered pocket).

the waist style ones are here (soon to be upgraded and offering the medical alert label)

I hope all of you with these horrible allergies will continue to enjoy the Summer despite the bees! In regards to food allergies and celiac disease, the FDA is increasing its requirements on the labeling. I always read every label when food shopping and I am very cautious when eating out. I have found that many small family owned restaurants will cater to one's special needs and are more than happy to do so -- just ask!

Enjoy early August!

Shalom, Kate

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July News From TuffBags! Neon pink epipen cases and zippered pouches, new tapestry yarmulkes, and more!


I've added neon pink pack cloth to our colors-- customers have asked and I've listed! The pink is just awesome in our epipen cases, making your case very easy to find. You can also select the medical alert label as an option for your epipen holder.

The pink is also great in our zippered pouches.

I have obtained Ohio State fabric and now have kippahs available ...this team fabric was finally re-released. The picture of the kippah should be up on the site within a day.

I've added outside zippered pockets to both the flat waist packs and the regular fanny waist packs to the list of options. You can select the options that work for you!

If you are not familiar with the fantastic fabric that I use for the almost waterproof and definitely weather-proof Tuff Bags please read about our materials.

I have a line of handcrafted by me lovely silver jewelry which is on the web site. My one of a kind pieces can be found in my etsy shop which I discuss below.

My etsy shop, Racheltreasures, has my unique line of handcrafted jewelry, one of a kind tallis bags, challah covers, Judaica table decor, and other unique Judaica.

I hope you are all enjoying your Summer and drop me a line / post comments! Shalom, Kate Rachel Lozier