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Epinephrine Epi Pen ® insulated cases
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Do Ewe Knit or Crochet?

Not everyone is consumed with football and basketball during the cold months.  Many of us spend our free time knitting or crocheting.

One makes quite the investment in one's yarn and likely has quite a nice stash.  So why do I see so many fiber artists carrying their treasures and works in process in a plastic bag?  Blah.

Think about just how much you spend on your gorgeous yarns!  So why would you treat them to a plastic bag?  If I was your yarn I'd be really insulted.

Additionally your project has more of a chance of becoming unraveled, especially if you are carrying more than one project.

How about this for an idea (brain storm)---a handmade project what a concept.

Imagine being able to carry your sacred project in a beautiful cotton fully lined bag.
  Every project deserves a gorgeous project bag made of high quality cottons and batiks! We've got a perfect project bag just for you with stunning colors and soft cottons, including the nice cotton cording. We offer both small (10" wide x 12" long flat) and large (10" x 5-6" deep x 12-14" long) bags with optional outer zippered pockets. 

Your projects will stay fresh, clean, safe and snag free in our bags! 

We have lots of yummy colors, patterns, and styles (makes it very easy to find your project!) so please go to our etsy shop to get yours today!   We also have zippered pouches which are perfect for carrying and storing your accessories such as stitch markers, needles and hooks, stitch counters, yarn needles and more.

Handmade project bags and zippered pouches 

Should you see a cotton print that is not currently in the project bags or the zippered pouches definitely contact us.  We just received many new batiks as well.

Happy knitting and crocheting (maybe one of these days I will master the art of crocheting!).  Knitting is one of my passions now for over 40 years and fair isle knitting is my favorite. 

Stay warm and curl up with yarn!


Kate Rachel Lozier
Owner / Designer / yarn and fabric hoarder

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