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Epinephrine Epi Pen ® insulated cases

Epinephrine Epi Pen ® insulated cases
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Monday, May 16, 2016

TuffBags / Racheltreasures News -- Not all Bags are Created Equally

Not all Bags are Created Equally

By Kate Rachel Lozier

Bags are everywhere, in every color, fabric, shape, size, and price.  Practically every type of store sells some type of bag.  The famous and the not so famous have their names on bags.  TV shows such as Sex in the City have dramatized the handbag. 

With all of these bags flooding the market place, just how do you figure out which bag is for you?  Whether you are a person that researches ahead of time or purchases on the fly, I suggest that you ask yourself these questions prior to purchasing.  You can also use these tips for other purchases as well as for bags.

1.            Determine your needs

What do you need this bag for?  Or what do you want this bag for?  Is this a want or a need?  Will it hold all of your stuff?  Does it have enough compartments?  Is the fabric suitable for the function?  Is the styling, fabric and colors appropriate for you and your lifestyle?

2.            Set your budget and Cost versus benefit

Determine what you can afford and what you are willing to spend on the type of bag you are looking for.  If this is a want purchase, can you afford it?  Comparison shop:  will bag A hold and organize all of my items as well as bag B?  Will bag A hold up over time and is it worth the price?   Is bag B more unique and/or a limited edition?  Is a more expensive bag better made and therefore, a better investment in the long run?   Is price the most important factor in your choice?  Is style more important than function, or vice versa?

3.            Access your values and Usability and features

Are you the type of person that wants a new bag for every season, every outfit, and every occasion?  Or are you more interested in a bag that will last for a long time?  Will the features and fabric of the bag work with your lifestyle?  Will the bag at least serve the function(s) that you are looking for?  Are the insides as durable and functional as the outsides?   Are you willing to have a bag that everyone else has?

4.            Manufacturer's and / or store's reputation

Who is the manufacturer and where was the bag made? Does the business have a good reputation?  Can you verify their reputation?  Are you interested or concerned with where the bag was made?  What is the quality like?  Are the inside features of the same quality as the outsides?  Will the bag be able to hold up to your use? 

5.            Availability and convenience of shopping

When do you need the bag by?  Is the bag readily available or special order only?   Does the catalog and/or web site adequately describe the size and features of the bag?  Does the bag meet your expectations?   Can you return the bag?  How is the customer service?

© 2016 Kate R. Lozier